We have one of it’s kind programme dubbed “Masomo na” Laptops” that came in handy to enable Kenyan University students and members of staff own laptops through installment payment.
We are a driven by a genuine desire to see as many university students own laptop for better enhanced, innovative learning.
The company has specifically created an Education Division so as to precisely address the challenges of laptop ownership among university students.
The team that drives the objective has a functional experience acquired from other companies that endeavored to make successful laptop ownership among university students in Kenya.
The realization was that without a flexible payment plan, the laptop will remain a preserve of few, converse to the fact that it is currently a very basic learning tool to every learner.
Additionally we are very oblivious of the enormous added benefits students can derive among them connecting to wider access to knowledge resources.

Deposit as low as Kes. 12,500

Deposit as low as Kes. 7,000


at our office:

Westlands Delta corner, 13th Floor Tower 2,

Suite 618 opposite Aniversary Tower