Inkjet Printers

Written by Regina Wambui, 25/04/2021

Inkjet printers are printers that are ink based. An ink is a mixture water, glycol and dyes. The ink technology was embraced by big brands like Hewlett Packard (HP), Epson and Canon which we stock here at Compland shop. There are other printers that also make printers that use ink technology like Brother printers.

At Compland shop we stock inkjet printers mainly from HP, Epson and Canon brands. We also sell them at affordable prices. There are two types of printers that use ink the mono printer which only uses black ink and prints black and white and also colored printers which uses colors like cyan, magenta, yellow and also black which we stock here at Compland.

However, it is important to note the ink jet printers delivers a high-quality output for images as well as texts due to their finer and smoother detailing. Inkjet printers are cheaper and are light weighted. When considering also a plug and play kind of printer consider inkjet printers. As the technology advances, efforts are being put to ensure inkjet printers are much more efficient durable and fast. The latest inkjet printers come with multi-functional feature of print, scan and copy and other features like duplex printing. To check out our various inkjet printers click here. Our printers also come with one year warranty and we deliver countrywide. Visit our online shop for all your printer and photocopy needs.